Figuring things out

The first night in our hotel I heard Jonah talking at 2 am in the morning. It was dark and I couldn’t figure out where he was, finally I pulled back the curtains and he was sitting in the window ceil. He said “Hi Mom, I am watching cars” It was pretty funny. He was up for the rest of the morning.  Jacob seems to be the only one who has figured out the time change. The rest of us crash during the day and wake up between 2-4 am.
Sunday Sept. 30, 2007- Our first adventure out on the train to church.  The people at church were very friendly and even gave us headsets and translated the German Service into English. We were the only ones not able to speak German but most everyone spoke English.  They do not have a church building so we were on the 2nd-3rd floors of an old buildling.
After church we were thirsty and there is a McDonalds next to the church went in to get some drinks. We were surprised at the bill. We orders 2 hamburgers (99cents in US) 2 waters and 1 soda. It was almost $17 chf  — Crazy that is like $15 US for that! We’ve noticed food is so expensive, we went out to eat and ordered 2 personal sized pizzas and it was $50 chf

So we’ve decided once we move into our place we will be cooking in more often!

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