Moving into our place in Zuerich

We moved into our place in Zurich on Oct. 1. Since we were in a hotel for a week the apartment now feels rather large at 1000 sq feet. We are right above a dry cleaners and across the street from a pastry shop (yum) It’s a beautiful location right next to Lake Zurich and we even have a tram right outside our home. I now have 8 weeks to find us a new home. We do not speak any German and have heard it is very difficult to find housing, especially for foreigners. Wish me luck.

 Everything here is so small, it’s amazing. Our Fridge is probably 4x smaller than our last fridge. The size of a large cooler. It seems as everyone shops every-other day. We have a Migros and Coop (grocery store) right below us 2 blocks. We carry everything home so we just buy what we need.
The kids are now forced to watch German cartoons. We all still have no clue what they are saying but’s it’s entertaining to watch. They have the same cartoons we have but all dubbed German. This will be an experience, I am pretty sure they still think we are on a vacation and will not be living here.
Did I mention we do not have a washer and dryer? Our washing day is on Wednesdays only. So that means I need to save all the clothes for once a week. Wish we still did not have a bed wetter. That just complicates things. Think I may be doing some wash in the bathtub.

One thought on “Moving into our place in Zuerich

  • that is crazy how small the fridges are. I wonder if people are skinnier cuz they don’t have alot of food just sitting there. the house looks cute. Do you have a washer or dryer?

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