Flumser Burg Mountain

The boys and I went to the top of Flumser Berg Mnt. with some friends on Monday. It was beautiful. We rode a train about 1 hour from Zurich and took 2 Gondolas to the top of the Mnt.

The view coming down in the Gondolas. There were little towns all over the mountain and sometimes you would see 1 house way on top. We saw lots of cows with cow bells.

There were many trails on top. We walked for about 1 hour around the Mountain, on a flat trail. It is holiday for the schools so there were quite a few people on the Mountain.

In the winter this is a Ski Resort. The Mountain looks like the ski runs are rather long. We ate lunch on top outside. I had this yummy hashbrown, bacon, chesse thing. I am sure there is a better name for it but I wouldn’t know how to say it…..yet.


4 thoughts on “Flumser Burg Mountain”

  1. Hey Jules, I’m so jealous of your new surroundings! It must be so much fun to experience that, what fun memories you will have there! I bet you can’t wait for the skiing!

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