Food Tales

It’s amazing the things I took for granted……shopping at the grocery store being one. We live right next to a little market we frequently daily. The lady who works at the checkout already knows us and is always smiling at the boys. One day she asked me what Jonah’s name was, of course she was talking in German but I figured it out by the pointing that she wanted to know his name.  I replied Jonah but she thought I said “Joanna” and with the long hair she now thinks he is a girl named “Joanna” I have no clue how to tell her in German otherwise so we let her think that.

Anyways….. on with our market tale
Items I have found a little weird here
1.Shelf Stable Milk
2. Eggs don’t get refrigerated
3. They don’t have brown sugar
4. Peanut Butter is only sold in super tiny jars (only makes like 5 sandwiches)
5. Buying Meat of any kind will break the bank
Many others but haven’t discovered them all….yet
I have had the joy of thinking I found brown sugar but it was raw sugar and my cookies did not turn out.
Ok- but here is what inspired my food tales. I really wanted Tacos the other night. So after searching for Taco Shells, Meat, and anything Mexican I came home to make them. I had everything ready and was cooking the meat and decided to add a little oil to keep from sticking. I opened the oil, or so I thought, dumped it all in and suddenly smelled  vinegar. It wasn’t what I had thought at all. We ate the tacos though, Jason’s had enough of my cooking it didn’t phase him.

3 thoughts on “Food Tales

  • how funny that the lady thinks jonah is Joanna!! that is so cute! i wonder what jonah thinks of her. It sounds like a huge ordeal just to even cook food there. haha i would love to try some of your vinager tacos!!

  • Tell the lady, “Nein, er ist ein Junge” (No, he is a boy) :o) Let us know if we need to send any special packages or send anything with Mom & Dad when they visit in December!

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