New Flat

We moved on Saturday to a cute little town in the Canton of Zurich about 20 minutes outside the city. Jason’s commute is 14 minutes on the the train, not so bad.
We live right in the downtown area (population around 5000) The Clock tower can been seen from our balcony which is the center of the town. Sometimes it rings for 10-15 minutes straight. We have a bakery, grocery store, vet, Doctor, bus station, all within a 3 minute walk.

Jonah wanted to go outside yesterday. He stood on the balcony and yelled “Hello, anywhere there. Can anyone here me?” I finally had to convince him to come in and invited his friend over to play.

We are the second balcony in the back. They call it the 2nd floor here but it’s really the 3rd floor. We have an elevator outside our front door that the boys love.

The town. We don’t have any snow yet but it’s still cold.

The boys finally got their long awaited bunkbed. There were a few tense moments putting it together.

Jonah gives a thumbs up to the Washer and Dryer. I will never take it for granted again. I am so glad I don’t have to sign up, get a key, go to the basement, and stay home all day on my laundry day.

You can see the clock tower behind the flag. We are not far from here.

One of our few pieces of furniture, a table. Jacob is working on his homework. We’ve been so impressed with his ability to learn the language. I am always asking him what things say. He’s working on his homework.

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