The Big One



Wow– it’s hard to believe but I turned 30 this week. It’s still weird to think I am officially out of my 20s….but I’ll get over it. To celebrate my 30th birthday Jason and I went to Milan, Italy. We have some great friends who offered to watch the boys so we got to go on a little adventure by ourselves.


Jason in front of Milan train station. We’ve gotten so use to the Swiss trains being on time, it was weird to be late….but it was an Italian train.

A view from the dumo looking on the square. This picture doesn’t show the mass of people but the streets were so packed with people you could hardly walk. We we’re hoping it was only this way because of the Christmas shopping and not this way all the time.

On the roof of the Duomo. There is about 150 stairs to climb to the top. All along the way there is narrow doorways you have to wait your turn to squeeze through.
Gelato: Italian ice cream made from milk and sugar……. can’t seem to get enough.
Inside the Duomo. Mass was in session so the picture was from a far.

The Duomo is Italy’s 2nd largest church and the world’s 3rd largest.

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