They made it!

 1 missed airplane
+2 lost pieces of luggage
+1 sad dog
+1 day later
+2 found pieces of luggage=
6 happy people & 1 wigged out dog
We’re happy to report Kathy and Randy and Saffron finally made it to Switzerland. It was a long journey but we are so happy to have them here. The boys could hardly wait and now they are so excited to be with their Grammy and Papa.
On the town in Zurich . It’s pretty chili outside.

Saffron tries to dive in for a drink in the below freezing temperatures.

Kathy experiences the fountains of water you get to drink out of all around town.

Posing in-front of the River.

Checking out the streets in downtown Zurich.

Saffron isn’t sure what to think of here new found freedom. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere. She is having a hard time with the escalators. She has to be pulled on and dashes like a mad dog.

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