Colmar, France

Colmar, France is about a 2 1/2 hour train ride from Zurich. It’s a cute little town with a great Christmas market. I think Jonah is getting a bit confused about all the languages he is hearing. German, French and Italian are the 3 main languages of Switzerland but Zurich is German speaking. Jonah has picked up on a few words but mostly says “I speak English and a little German.” In Colmar we visited a little bakery. On the way out the door Jonah says “Danke Schön, Thanks!” I guess he’ll have to learn Merci & Grazie too.

Enjoying the Christmas market. Miss Alsace paraded by us with her entourage, it was a fun sight. The boys enjoyed the Ferris wheel and Jacob got his first lesson is ice skating.

Randy and Kathy standing in the park of Champ De Mars

Colmar has a few grand Cathedrals.

Wow, who turned on the Freezer……… It’s freezing out here! By the end of the day only a few of us could still feel our toes. Jonah’s blanket became a scarf for Jason.

We enjoyed a tart flambée (thin crust pizza with onion, bacon bits & cream)

You have to look closely in this picture….If you look next to the brown wall you can see Saffron’s nose. She is loving her new life in the surrounding dog friendly countries. Soon after we were seated the waitress brought a bowl of water for the dog. She usually just sleeps under the table but we encouraged her a little to get this shot.

As the day ended we head back to the Colmar train station. Of course we had to buy some French Bread and Pastries before leaving.

4 thoughts on “Colmar, France

  • Hey, Julie! I got your blog from my mom and I love reading about and seeing the adventures you guys are having in Europe! How fun! What a great experience for you and your family! Can’t wait to read more…Love,

  • Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas and a good taste of family. Nothing better! All of your pictures look so fun. What great memories you will have of living in Europe. We are planning our visit after law school ends next year. Looks like you are having a great time.

  • You guys make the cold weather look like nothing… it is so lovely there.It’s been stormin’ and freezin’ here…nothing like there I’m sure…but I just want to curl up and hibernate until spring shows up.LOVE the pictures… so want to go travel …when it’s warm.

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