Exploring Lugano

We got the chance to take a train trip down to Lugano. Lugano is in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland close to the border of Italy. We had a fun day exploring the town. The town is on a beautiful lake and was a little warmer than Zurich, so that was nice.

Kathy and Randy at Lake Lugano.

The Church behind us in San Lorenzo Cathedral. It is amazing to see all these old Cathedrals. Inside there are painted frescoes from the 14th to the 16th Century. Lugano also had another Church- Chiesa Santa Maria degli Angioli. Inside was an amazing fresco of The Passion and Crucifixion of Christ, painted in 1529.

What is this? We are not sure but Jonah was terrified of the Man with his head cut off. It laid in the park so on the way back we detoured so Jonah wouldn’t have another panic attack about the Man chopped up.

Lake Lugano has some beautiful mountains surrounding it.

Jason and Randy enjoying an afternoon at the park.

Streets of Lugano. It’s fun to window shop in these little towns.

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