Auf Wiedersehen Mom/Dad/Grammy/Papa/Master

We miss you guys so much. We had a blast with you and are so thankful you were able to come and visit. Thanks for the peanut butter, spices, shampoo, dryer sheets, tights, toys, our junk, the dog……the list could go on forever. We really appreciate all you do and have done for us.
We’re sure you’re already missing having frozen fingers, toes and noses, running for trains, wearing multiple layers, train rides, the prices at McDonalds, hot spicy mustard, cheese and chocolate and hopefully us……….
 Auf Wiedersehen. Lieben wir Sie!

3 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen Mom/Dad/Grammy/Papa/Master

  • There surely is no replacement for Grandparents. I felt such a loss for about a week after my parents left this November. It is great to have them out to see you life there.Fun memories.

  • How fun to have them there! That must have you miss home a little, I’m sure! How are you liking it there so far? Adjusting well? I just think it’s so cool the memories that you guys are making-how unforgettable!

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