Tow Ropes in the Alps??

So the skiing adventures have finally begun in the Alps.   We encountered our first skiing & snowboarding experience in Switzerland on Saturday. To our surprise the WHOLE mountain was made up of toe ropes.  What?? We were thinking it’d be high class skiing.
There are many resorts around Zuerich so we thought we’d just start somewhere. We picked Rigi. A short train ride away….if you pick the right route.
Our route went like this. Train, , train, bus, bus route….wrong route.  Thankfully we picked the right route home.
It was a blast! My friend and I took a stab at the toe ropes first. What a joke. The little rope bar swung around and hit us in the head over ten times! We finally made it up the mountain.

A breathtaking view from the top of the Mountain.

This guy spent his day snowboarding with an instructor. Good thing he speaks German because she spoke no English.  What a good sport.




4 thoughts on “Tow Ropes in the Alps??

  • Ok, that whole toe rope experience was hilarious. Jared laughed hard. I just can’t believe the scences in your pictures, they are SO cool. It sounds like you have met some great friends there too. Love you…

  • Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you had to use rope tows! That’s crazy, isn’t there pretty big world-class ski resorts around you guys? Well, despite the lack of gondolas and trams and all that, the views look worth it!

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