Murten & Bern Switzerland

We took a day trip over to Murten & Bern on Saturday.  Murten is a small Medieval Town (founded in 1159) with an old Castle surrounded by a City Wall and Bern is capital of Switzerland.

The boys outside the entrance to the city. You can drive through with your car or walk through. The gates are closed at night.

This was one of Jacob’s favorite sights. Outside the city wall there are still cannon balls in the wall. They were left to remind the town people of their victory over the Burgundians.

Jacob stands at the lookout point in one of the towers. 

A view from the city wall. There were some old stairs you could climb and follow along the city wall. We liked the Spiral Chimney in this picture.

Jonah was a little unsure about the walk along the wall. He wanted everyone to be careful, must get it from his Mom. He was concerned when Jacob climbed the stairs to the lookout tower. It reminded me of when we first got here and Jonah never wanted Jacob to get close to the railroad tracks. If at anytime Jacob got close. Jonah would yell out “Jacob I love you” it was pretty funny.

Murten’s Castle is now the headquarters for the police-station.
Bern was fun to see but we’ve decided we like the smaller, charming towns.

Bern’s 15th century Münster Cathedral. 330 foot -tall tower is the highest in Switzerland.

Bern Parliament Building. 

Jason and Jacob outside Albert Einstein’s House.  Albert Einstein was 23 when he lived in the 2nd floor apartment with his wife, Mileva. His son Hans Albert was born here.
Kramgasse 49, Bern

The city was packed with Riot Police. The protesters are against the World Economic Forum taking place in Davos Switzerland.

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