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Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)

This was truly a fairy-tale caste. Now I know why Walt Disney replicated the one in Disneyland after this caste, it was amazing. The boys really enjoyed this trip. The boys were in awe the whole time. They kept talking about the King and Dragons.
The King who lived here was called “Mad” King Ludwig. He grew up in the castle next door but dreamed of building a castle for himself. It took 17 years (1869-1886) to build and he didn’t even get to live in it for 1 year before he died.


4 thoughts on “Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)”

  1. No draw-bridge? Certainly by the time any attacker walked all the way up that never-ending hill they’d be easy prey for the occupants of the castle, so I guess that’s why there isn’t a draw-bridge. Then again, what do I know; I haven’t been to Neuschwanstein since I was a teenager and my memory probably makes the mountain bigger than it really is. Thanks for sharing the pictures and bringing back some good memories. -Ben

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