Valencia, Spain

We enjoyed tappas and tried a Spanish dish called Paella. ( I think it had rabbit in it) Terra and Mark speak Spanish, so it made ordering easy.  They speak Spanish with a lisp in Spain. It’s really weird to hear. Mark said the story behind it is there use to be a King who had a lisp and made everyone speak with one too. So now they all speak with a lisp. Interesting. 🙂

This church claims to have the Holy Grail.


What a crazy mess. We got stuck in this round about and it was a crazy. People were honking, it was a pretty funny sight.

3 thoughts on “Valencia, Spain

  • I love Paella, have you ever seen that Seinfeld episode? George’s Mom yells, “Who’s gonna eat all this paella?” It usually has whole shrimps in it, with the head and everything, and eyeballs.

  • I also love Paella and it finally looks like you finally aren’t freezing…glad that it’s a little warmer there and you guys are doing some AMAZING things…I love hearing about it.

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