The Sun Shines

We finally got to experience some warmer weather down in Italy. These 3 little towns (Menaggio, Bellagio & Varenna) were amazing. We took a ferry to each town on Lake Como. They were beautiful. I am glad Megan & Joe got to have some sunshine their last days here.

I love this picture of the boys. Jacob is really sweet to his little brother and Jonah looks up to Jacob so much. Cute Boys!!

Jacob basking in the sun. Jacob & Jonah loved throwing rocks into the water trying to skip them like Jason can.

This is Verenna, probably my favorite of the 3 towns. Great food too, yum.

Jonah hasn’t seen the sun much lately. I told him to open his eyes and he said “I am”

This is the view as we are coming into Bellagio. They have quite a bit of shopping in this little town. The mountains behind it were beautiful.

The harbor at Menaggio.
Megan & Joe enjoying gelato, yum!

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