Cinque Terre

We finally got a car so we can have more spontaneity in our lives….wahoo. We had a 3 day weekend so we managed to get a little family vacation in.
We drove down to they Cinque Terre in Italy. These little towns were amazing and really secluded from just about everything. No Cars are allowed in so you park and hike.
This area is the birthplace of Pesto and Focaccia so we enjoyed so yummy food too. 🙂

This is Vernazza, our favorite of the 5 towns. We didn’t have reservations so we were lucky to find locals willing to rent out their apartment to us.

The towns are built right up to the Mediterranean. The water was a little choppy so all the locals pulled their boats into the town square.

This is the town Manarola. A view from the hiking trail.

Jason and the boys on the trail to Riomaggiore.

Another view of Vernazza.

The boys were great little hikers. The hike from Monterosso to Vernazza took us 2 hours and they enjoyed being the “Leaders.” Although Jonah claimed to have “lost power” a few times and was carried up a few stairs.

This bridge was along the hike and had a waterfall coming down into it. Very cool.

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