Finally we have gotten some great weather….hopefully this is a continuing pattern. This last weekend we took a hike with our friends, Alice & Jared, up Zugerburg. Zugerburg is in Zug, a town about 30 minutes from us on a lake. It seems like every town here has a lake and a nice view of the Alps.

Alice, Jared and the rest of the gang.

Jacob hiking along the trail.

Sunglasses required……wow what a nice day.

Requirement 101: If you ride on Daddy’s shoulder you must scratch his head. Jonah follows instructions well.

Jonah spots something exciting, not sure what though.

It’s pretty hazy in this photo so it’s hard to see the Alps behind us. Wow, no giant jackets, amazing.

Jacob on the zip line. I’m not sure why but it seems like everywhere you go there is a zip line. There has to be some secret fascination the Swiss have for them that I don’t know about.

Jason and Jonah testing out the zip line.

*Thanks Alice for some great shots 🙂

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