We finally made it to the Alps this weekend. We enjoyed a long weekend with our friends, The Inhesters, in Grindelwald.
We spent the weekend on some amazingly beautiful hikes.

Isn’t this a beautiful valley? There were waterfalls spouting out all over.

Our cute Chalet Spinne. Terrian & Holger’s secret find. What a great place.

On the Mountain behind the Chalet. The Mountain behind them is the Eiger. (13,025 ft)

Nicolas and Jacob

Poor Saffron. She stepped on something and got a hole in her paw pad. She was limping so Jason carried her down the mountain.

Saffron is like a sack of potatoes so Holger helped out with Saffron’s mountain descend too.

Posing with the cows. Most cows have giant bells and you can hear them from far away.
The valley in Grindelwald.

Lunchtime. We took picnics on our daily hikes. Roasting sausage on the side of the trail is a big hit here.

Nicolas and Jacob with their bow and arrows. This had to be the best invention yet. The boys played for hours with these arrows. Thanks to Holger for the hand carved arrows.

All of the boys. Nicolas, Jacob, Jonah and Lucas.

Concentration…. must get the right shot.

7 thoughts on “Grindelwald

  • “The hills are alive, with the sound of music.” I just feel like singing when I see your pictures, of course you are in Switerland, not Austria…poor Saffy, I hope her paw pad gets better without any infection. I totally think you and Jason need to sign up for the Amazing Race when you get back to the USA. Start looking into what it would take…

  • I love that picture of the valley with the waterfalls. That’s one I’d put up in my home. Gorgeous. If you hear of any good sales jobs in your area…let me know. I want to move to abroad. 😉

  • my first thought was ‘sound of music’ are you sure you didn’t travel back in time??? Beautiful, so envious of all your adventures. happy to have blogging so I can live vicariously through you:)

  • WOW! that looks amazing! We are going to have to come back in the spring/summer so that we can enjoy all the beautiful weather we missed when we were there! Poor Saffy! I’m impressed that Jason carried her down!

  • Looks incredible. We really are saving to come and see you. You have great pictures of the adventures that you are having there with your beautiful boys.

  • Who knew there was would be something other than snow on those mountains! Most of the time we were there we couldn’t even see them for all the clouds. I love the picture of the boys sitting in the middle of the flowers. Wish we were there!MOM

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