Welcome to Switzerland….

We are so excited that Mom & Dad & my brother are here to visit. It is so good to see them.

The hardest part about living abroad is how much we really do miss our family. It is so great when they visit but also leaves a hole when they leave.

Saturday we drove up to Lake Constance in Germany and enjoyed some cheap shopping together.

Monday we took a drive up to Colmar, France….again. This city seems to always be closed but has great architecture. Mom took a stab at her French, pretty fun 🙂

Note to traveler: Don’t visit Colmar on Sunday, In the Winter, on a Holiday, on Monday or anytime before 2 pm.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Switzerland….

  • wahoo! You posted some pics with David and mom/dad! I wish I was there! By the way David, that T-shirt rocks! I’m so glad you guys get to spend time together. We can’t wait to get David back! Don’t have too much fun without me. Luv ya!

  • Welcome home David. I was in Zurich on Monday, but had to keep to a pretty tight schedule, otherwise I would have at least said “hi”. But is appears you were in France anyway. Maybe I’ll be able to visit next time I’m over there and we can go get some Rösti together. -Ben

  • I seriously can’t believe how many visitors you’ve had since you moved to Switzerland! Did you even get this many when you guys were in CA? 🙂 How fun to have your parents there and I can’t believe how big David is! Wow, I feel old! I wish we could come visit, maybe in a couple of years?!

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