Swiss Life

Zürich Pilots

Experiencing Baseball in a country where no one plays = Interesting

Driving 2 hours to play a Game = Lot’s of $ in gas

Watching your son hit the ball = Priceless

7 thoughts on “Zürich Pilots”

  1. I actually experienced pain reading you drive 2 hours…and after you told me how much gas is over there. But…how many kids can say they played baseball in Switzerland on that otherworldly green grass…w/a castle back there.LOVE your boys. So cute.

  2. Oh how I miss being able to be there and watch Jacob play ball. Brett would love to be there to give him some pointers. Love Grampa

  3. Yeah, so sports! That is crazy, 2hour drive. Good luck to the Swiss…loved seeing you when we talked. I am sure mom told you about my car…talk soon. Love you.

  4. Go Jacob! He looks so cute in his uniform.Do they usually just play teams in Switzerland? I love the pics too,especially the one with the castle,you don’t usually see that while at a baseball game. ha ha How’s everything for you guys??

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