Out on the Town (Zürich & Bremgarten)

The Euro 2008 has brought a lot of excitement to Switzerland. This giant display is at the train station in Zürich. The boys think it’s amazing.

I just love having my sister here to visit.

Chasing the birds away.

Bremgarten, a cute little town nearby our home. They have a river that sometimes you will see people trying to surf on, it is pretty amazing.

Chess anyone? Or maybe checkers with the chess pieces??

4 thoughts on “Out on the Town (Zürich & Bremgarten)

  • Looks like you guys are having fun! I love the picture of Julie and Meg by the Lake. You guys both look really pretty. I miss you Julie. And I miss you Meg/Dayna! It’s boring at mom and dad’s house without you! Enjoy every min there, it goes by fast! Love ya!

  • I can’t wait until it’s my turn. I was telling Dustin how I want to come and go hiking with you guys and he said that the Sierras are just as beautiful…I don’t know, though, I think I’ll take the alps (Dustin just doesn’t like to fly).

  • We were so blessed to be there and see each of you. Seeing the pictures makes me miss you again though….It is nice to “recognize” the lake area in Zurich…I did some temple work today for sisters from Zurich…with the names you gave me. Thank you for being such a good tour guide. You are giving many great memories!

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