Hochstuckli & Einsiedeln

Benedictine Einsiedeln Abbey– this was a really cool monastery. They say it’s most important place of pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin Mary featuring the “Black Madonna”. The chapel inside was pretty amazing.

Our gondola ride up to Hochstuckli in Satel.

We enjoyed this so much with my parents in Austira, we thought we’d do it again. Megan and Dayna thought it was pretty cool too. Although my first run down I got a giant bug plastered to my eye, after that I wore my sunglasses. 🙂

They had a really fun Jump park which the boys had a blast in.

2 thoughts on “Hochstuckli & Einsiedeln

  • It is fun to see the boys bonding with Aunt Megan (and Dayna) again. Did everyone go fast on the alpine slide? It all looks like fun!

  • Einsiedeln is so beautiful!!!We were there on Thursday for enrichment night! What day were you there?? Did you go on the awesome forest walk!!!

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