Our family travels, Switzerland


Megan getting ready for her take off and flying below. Megan was the first one to take off it was so fun watching her come down.

Dayna all set to go and flying below. Dayna and Megan’s guy didn’t speak any English so they couldn’t communicate but they still has a blast.

Jason was our go-to man. He helped carry the supplies and drove the car back down the mountain each time to pick up the next. Next time it’s Jason’s turn 🙂 The drive up was so funny because there were cows everywhere.

Getting ready for my take off and flying below. What an amazing feeling until my guy asked me if I liked roller coasters and went wild. I prefer the gliding 🙂


7 thoughts on “Paragliding”

  1. How cool! I totally want to do that! I bet that was so fun! I want to come visit you again, this time with Kevin….Kevin would never be up for that but I would =)

  2. Wow! It looks like you are making some fun memories with Megan and Dayna. Thanks for showing them such a good time. They are making many memories to treasure at your house!

  3. Julie! I enjoyed looking at your blog today. Megan and Dayna are lucky girls to have you and Jason as hosts and tour guides. Who would have thought that you would have so many visitors in Switzerland? You and your boys are having amazing experiences. Sweet father’s day posting as well! Love you lots, aunt carol

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