So we finally made it to Venice with the boys. Jacob has kept asking to go to Venice before it sinks 🙂 The boys loved the idea of the garbage man, police, mail man, etc. all riding around in boats.

Jacob, our photographer, posing. Jacob has really gotten into taking photos and is pretty good at it.

Taking a break in the heat. It was pretty hot. Saffron took a dip in the Adriatic Sea. Jacob took the picture below of Dayna, Meg, and Jonah resting in the shade.
Feeding the birds in St. Mark’s square. Jonah saved his bread sticks from lunch to feed the birds. He was a little creeped out when the birds got too close. Jacob was a little more brave, letting the birds land on his arm. Saffron couldn’t resits chasing the birds.

5 thoughts on “Venezia

  • Lovely… I love that pic with the canal and boat behind you and your sis. What were the people like? Ry has a friend who’s Italian that just went to visit Italy… he gave us a funny account.

  • You guys actually look HOT and like you broke a sweat. That is cute how Jacob wanted to visit before it sank, and he does have a good eye for photography.

  • Since I look at your blog all the time I figures I should give you access to mine. I am going private and need your e-mail address. You can comment on my blog with it, and I won’t publish the comment so no one will see your e-mail address.

  • I’m going to go try that with Chris right now. “Chris, I want to visit Venice before it sinks!” I’m thinking it’s not going to be that easy. Beautiful pictures! Happy to see Venice through your lense.

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