Engelberg & Mt. Titlis

Saturday was beautiful a day so we took an hour drive to Engelberg. Hiking the Swiss Alps is completely different than hiking the Sierras. Almost every mountain top is accessible and has activities for the kids.

They has a fun course on top around this little lake. You take off your shoes and go on a texture trail. Jacob loved it. He spent an hour in the little mud pit below. Jonah wouldn’t have anything to do with it .

The next 4 pictures are common things you find in the summer on most Mt. tops in Switzerland…….

1. A Rodelbahn

2. Men in Speedos. This was particularity special because this man (in the background) is sporting a Speedo and Fannypack. 🙂

3. Cows with cowbells and electric fences. I got shocked once and Saffron twice 🙂
4. Nuns hiking the Mt. right along side of you. I think they were even faster hikers than us too.

9 thoughts on “Engelberg & Mt. Titlis

  • Way to get a sneaky shot of Mr. Speedo, lol! Although I’ve never seen one on a hiker. But maybe I don’t get out enough. :-pAwesome mud bath. That looks like fun!

  • That top pic of the boys is so adorable! You have such handsome little fellows! … and with the mountains in the background I found myself singing “the hills are alive…with the Sound of Music”… then when I got down to the last pic with the nuns I couldn’t help but laugh.

  • This post is awesome…from the title… (yes, that’s a 13 year old boy in my head giggling)… to the speedo guy…nuns and then the family fun hiking… I think I might blast “climb ever mountain” if I was hiking the alps…and everyone would think I was that annoying american. 😉What a fabulous life!ps. I’ve added hike alps with family to my “bucket list”.

  • Julie, I miss you! I love the pics….especially the one of the speedo guy, that’s nasty! The other day I was telling Kevin “I’m so excited to see Julie in 5 months!” He laughed at me and said “That’s a long time a way”….But it doesnt seem too long, I can’t wait until you get here! Love ya!

  • Julie, I was thinking of you yesterday and a feeling of missing you washed over me….it is nice to see what special adventures you are up to. Awesome scenery..fun for you all!

  • Beautiful pics I remember when Andrew and i went there, i loved it and it looks so different without any snow. You guys are such a fun little family i bet your boys just LOVE it. I really love the one with the nuns in the background that’s to funny. I have a pic of some nuns walking when we were in Luxembourg i just had to take a picture. How are you guys doing?

  • What beautiful back drops for your photos (Except for the super-sexy speedo back ground)! The hills are alive! Wish we could come visit… who knows maybe Mike will get fired and collect severance!?

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