We took another hike with the cows this weekend. This time we joined up with our friends and went to Hoch-Ybrig.
Max, Jacob, and Kyler were the leaders of the pack. A great way to keep Jonah distracted from “loosing his power” is to hike with his friends.

Jacob posing with a cow. The farmer looked on as we took pictures with his cows. He must have thought “Crazy Americans”

A beautiful view from the top

Jacob took this photo of Jonah by a cute miniature chalet

Smile you’re on Camera 🙂

Tanya, Me, Megan and Alice posing with the same cow. Alice and Jared are moving back to CA this week, we’re going to miss them!Walking down the trail. Cool backpack Tanya 🙂

It wouldn’t be a hike in the Alps without roasting sausage. Megan brought marshmallows (from the states) to help remind us all of home…yum!

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