We took another hike with the cows this weekend. This time we joined up with our friends and went to Hoch-Ybrig.
Max, Jacob, and Kyler were the leaders of the pack. A great way to keep Jonah distracted from “loosing his power” is to hike with his friends.

Jacob posing with a cow. The farmer looked on as we took pictures with his cows. He must have thought “Crazy Americans”

A beautiful view from the top

Jacob took this photo of Jonah by a cute miniature chalet

Smile you’re on Camera 🙂

Tanya, Me, Megan and Alice posing with the same cow. Alice and Jared are moving back to CA this week, we’re going to miss them!Walking down the trail. Cool backpack Tanya 🙂

It wouldn’t be a hike in the Alps without roasting sausage. Megan brought marshmallows (from the states) to help remind us all of home…yum!


3 thoughts on “Hoch-Ybrig”

  1. I showed my visiting teachers the pictures of your hike! They thought the countryside was amazing and looked like the Heidi movie and that Jacob and Jonah were so cute! Miss you. Love Mom

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