Annecy, France

Jason took a few days off so we thought we’d explore some more of France. We made our way down south to Annecy. We really enjoyed this city and it’s lake.

Jacob and Jonah on the dock. Jacob had a blast swimming but Jonah is still a little timid about deep water.
Most people hung out on the docks. We were introduced to the French swim suits, or lack of. 🙂

Jason getting Saffron to come for a swim. She loves to swim after the ducks.

Saffron was eying the ducks.

We’ve been to France before and I haven’t had to use a toilet like this so far. At first I thought I went into the mens but I checked the door and it was the womens.

Jacob playing at the park by the lake.

4 thoughts on “Annecy, France

  • I love this town! We went there back in 99′ when we made a trip to France, Switzerland and Spain and it was one of my favorites! Can’t get any better than small, quaint city nestled in the mountains on a lake! I am constantly amazed at how much you guys have traveled and you haven’t even been there a year yet! Are you going to stay there forever??!!

  • UM, I wouldn’t know what to do if I ran into a toilet like that either. Do you sit on it, it looks nasty. Jason looks so thin and you all look so good. Saffy is the cutest dog EVER! Miss you.

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