Lyon, France

Lyon was a really big city compared to Annecy. It’s the 2nd largest in France, next to Paris. The shopping here was great. The best part was most of the shopping was on a giant non-traffic street.

This is the Notre-Same de Fourviére, it was inspired after the Sacré-Coeur. In the above picture you can see it in the background up on the hill. We took a long hike up to see it.

Jonah has to have a daily nap somewhere. So we found a bench and hung out while he took a nap.

The giant Ferris wheel, a little sketchy in build, but the boys we’re excited to take a ride on it….

August must be the month for weddings. There were a lot of brides around the city.

On the way home we had some car issues so we took a detour from the toll roads and went on the backroads. The country side was amazingly beautiful. The best part was every little town we drove through had a Boulangére we could stop by and pick up some awesome pastries.

Jonah is a firm believer in needing power. We usually hear things like “I am loosing my power” or “I need more power” So Jonah was excited to find out that Poweraid existed, only proving his power point. We had to hike some serious stairs to see the church in Lyon.

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