We took a drive to Lützelflüh to see the town where Grams & Papa Nuenswander’s family was from. It was a really cute Swiss town.

The church and the cemetary was behind the church. It was a Sunday so the Gemeinde house wasn’t open, it would have been fun to check addresses.

We had heard they dig up graves and dispose of the deceased after a certain number of years. It was true because the graves only dated back 50 years. So G.G.. Grandpa Nuenschwander wasn’t there.

It was Mr. Ed sticking his head out the window.

It’s not a little town without a tractor driving down the road.

3 thoughts on “Lützelflüh

  • Juls, This is probably wrong of me but I couldn’t stop laughing about GG Grandpa Nuenshwander not being there! (Hopefully none of your fam reads this comment)…it was just the way you said it…made me laugh!

  • Hey, Julie, was that grave picture you showed a relative at all or was that the empty grave? What a nice village. It should give the boys a sense of roots and connection to Switzerland. Jacob and Jonah your haircuts looked so nice. Love, Grandma Brown

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