Erster Tag der Schule

Look who had his first day of 4th grade yesterday. He is in a 4/5/6 combo class, which has seven 4th graders. All the kids seem to know he is from California and all tell him they really want to go there. He is speaking German fluently now so hopefully this next year will be an easier year for him. Thanks to Grammie and Papa for the cool new backpacks!

The first day of Kindergarten was today. His school is right behind the clock tower. The teacher asked him a question about himself and his response was “Ja” He really had no clue what she was saying. Hopefully he catches on to German fast.

They really encourage kids to walk by themselves after the first week. Jonah likes to stop and look at slugs and bugs and jump in puddles, so I think I will secretly follow him for a bit.

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