Our little town had a fair this weekend. The boys watched them set up and were really excited to attend. Jonah’s school house is across the street from the action. One morning I was walking the dog by and he was just staring out the window watching them set up the rides, it was funny.

Yum….cotton Candy or Zuckerwatte….either way it’s still good.

Most of the rides were old school. The boys enjoyed this little train track you hand crank.

This little Ferris wheel was hilarious. The poor man in the green shirt had to hand crank the ride. He looked super tired.

We managed to get the last part of this on video. We couldn’t stop laughing at Jonah’s wind up and arm pumps.
Jacob was able to knock down all the tins and spent 30 minutes looking through the prize “junk” box, he is our collector. 🙂

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