A little rant…..

I have been really happy with the Swiss schools and how they encourage independence at a young age but today I have to vent. Today I went to pick our kindergartner up from school and on my way to the school I hear a little voice “Hi, Mom, we don’t like school” I looked and in the corner of a parking lot, yes parking lot, sat my son and his friend. Apparently at some point during the day they decided not to go back to school. The most disturbing part of this was the teacher didn’t have a clue she was missing 2 kids. I took the boys back in the classroom to collect their backpacks and talk to the teacher. In my poor broken German I tried to tell her I found them outside. Her response was a little demonstration to the boys. She got a chime and rang it and told the boys they have to come inside when they hear it.
A few things concerning to me……. the teacher didn’t mind the kids were missing and the boys were sitting in a parking lot. This is just my little rant for the day…….what do you think??

12 thoughts on “A little rant…..

  • OK, William and several of his friends cut music class for a couple of weeks in third grade and the teacher never told anyone… not even the school principal. I found out from William that they were playing outside during the time they were supposed to be in music. The teacher didn’t have any excuse for why she hadn’t told anyone that the boys were missing when I confronted her about it. She didn’t feel it was necessary to make a big deal. I told the principal myself, and he was surprised and said he’d speak to the boys and the teacher about it, and I never heard anything more. But William told me that he and his friends had to stay in the classroom until it was time for music, and their regular teacher had to chaperone them down to the music room from then on.

  • Oh heavens, gotta admire that independent thinker of yours. This must be why I’ve had several run-ins with the annoying and obnoxious teen-age crowd who go around drinking and smoking in the mornings, afternoons…well ALL THE TIME! Because NO ONE CARES. Well, I’ll tell you Switzerland, you are going to have a problem in 10 years when these teens are adults and are supposed to be running the country. They’re just going to suck it and call on more foreigners. Bought a months worth groceries today because I CAN!!!!!

  • UM, I would have HUGE issuses with that! And how frustrating that you can’t communicate with the teacher…do they have a school office or priciple…AHH, that is scary.

  • This is horrifying! I can’t believe a teacher would let that happen….what kind of a teacher is she? She can’t have SO many students that she wouldn’t notice that two boys were missing. You are right to be mad! What did Jason think? FYI- I had my ultrasound today! I am trying to scan the pictures so I can put them on my blog…but so far they aren’t coming out right because the paper is too shiney…boo

  • AGHHHHH!!!! I would stress all day about it and then stress some more the next day. It would make me feel like I have to go to school every day just to see if they are still there. Tell me what ends up happening. This story will need a part II

  • Hi. Just thought I’d add to the rant as the mom of the other boy. Same thing happened today. The (other) teacher didn’t know or care where Augustin was. He was in the school, and I found him myself, after she insisted he wasn’t there. In my intermediate German, I chewed her out for losing children under her care, but she just laughed in my face! She couldn’t care less that he was lost, or that I was upset! Is anyone else surprised or dissapointed with Swiss Attitude? These are just little 4 yr old kids! I’m definitely sending a formal letter of complaint. And moving away next year. I don’t want my children growing up with the same kind of attitude of indifference as their teachers. Thanks for letting me rant. It helps. I think.

  • I guess now not only will you be walking Jonah to school but you’ll be hiding behind the bushes to make sure he stays in class. That is just crazy that the teacher didn’t even notice.

  • SCARY!! I can’t believe that could happen, I’m sure you will never be able to send your kids to school in peace again without worrying about where they might actually be.

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