San Gimignano & Volterra

A view of San Gimignano from a distance. This was a pretty cool hill town but tourist galore. We probably talked to more Americans in this town than we have since being in the States 🙂

A closer look at San Gimignano. The tall buildings are medieval towers. There are 14 still standing but there use to be 60. The rich families built these towers and when the town was invaded they would climb their tower and pull up the lader so no one could get them.

Jason and the boys outside the walls into San Gimignano.

Jonah taking a little cat nap outside the local market.

Town square in San Gimignano.

The boys in the city wall.

The drive through Tuscany was breathtaking. It did remind us a lot of California 🙂

Driving into the town of Volterra. This town was cool and you only really ran into locals here. Volterra was one of the most important Etruscan cities over 2000 years ago.

The Roman theater in Volterra. It was built in 10 B.C. but overtime was covered up by garbage and wasn’t rediscovered until the 1950s……pretty crazy.

Just a little street in the town.

Jason standing by the wall. The Nazi’s threatened to blow up the arch leading into Volterra to slow the Allied advance. But all of the town people got together and ripped up the stones to block the arch and were able to save their town.

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