A stay in Rome wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t stay at Anne’s Place. Anne runs the best bed and breakfast around. We’ve stayed with them before and loved every moment of it. Anne & David are amazing and make you feel right at home. Thanks for the great stay guys!!

Anne & David, the crew and the dogs. Saffron loved running around with the other dogs on their land.

Jason and the boys enjoying Breakfast at Anne’s Place.

Outside the Coliseum. The boys were really excited when they found their own Ocarina’s (around their neck)

The boys were particularly amazed at what took place inside the Coliseum. They loved the replica with the lions, tigers, etc. I don’t think I could have watched their violent entertainment in those days.

Standing in The Circus Maximus.

A perfect car for small drivers 🙂

Freedom of Speech??

Taking a break on the steps up Capital Hill.

Exploring the Roman Forum. The perfect spot of any boys imagination to run wild.

Ever wonder how Rome became so powerful??? They built the Cloca Maxima (Greatest Sewer) and 2000+ years…… it still smells

The Pantheon

The Vatican

One of the Pope’s encased in the Vatican. Jonah’s first comment was ” Tell me Yes or No Mom, is that Santa Clause??”

Boys being boys in the Vatican.

Big Brother giving a boost to mail a postcard to Grandma & Grandpa

We walked up to the top of St. Peters. Highly recommended. The view from the top (below) is awesome.

What an amazing place……Inside the Vatican.

5 thoughts on “Roma

  1. I am one of Jason’s friends growing up and found your blog through Tiffany’s. I have really enjoyed reading and seeing all your adventures in other places in the world. What great stories and memories you are making.What brought you guys there and how long are you staying?

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