I’m dreaming of a white………….Halloween (not)

So this is what we woke up to this morning. Pretty crazy, hu??

Outside the school all kids were all playing in the snow. This is something we are not sure to in October…..crazy.

He usually rides his bike or scooter but this morning he was on foot. What a good sport.

It took 20 minutes to walk school today (usually takes 3 min) but we had many detours…….snow angels, snowballs, snow eating……


9 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a white………….Halloween (not)

  1. Wow! That looks fun – for a minute. By the way, the video of Jonah talking to you, trying to eat pizza and then cuddling up to the chair to fall asleep is incredible. Brian and I watched it over and over and over . . . He is the best little kid. I also think our boys are alike and would get a kick out of each other. We need to get them together either in Europe, or you visiting DC. Europe sounds more fun to us.

  2. That reminds me of morning’s in Bonney Lake, it was kinda fun for a change…does it snow there often. I wanted to see some pictures of what it looked like inside the place you stayed in Umbria. Are there modern conviences? Mom and I are having fun, eating way too much, you might not recognize me due to my size and you being so skinny from not eating American food anymore…

  3. Julie, A white Halloween, wow… Bonstetten looks lovely in a blanket of snow! I love to see your little wideos…I watch them over an over to hear the boys voices and see them in action. Thank you for your great blogs. Love, Mom

  4. snow…??? on halloween?? here i was complaining that it was 75* at 6:30 in the evening and too hot to go trick or treating still and you had SNOW. insane, lol.

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