On Saturday we took a 2 hour drive to the town of Gruyére in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

We took a tour of the Cheese factory and learned some interesting facts like a cow drinks 85 liters of water a day!

We enjoyed a Fondue lunch at the Gruyére Restaurant. Jacob’s comment after lunch was….” They shouldn’t call this Fondue they should call it FUN-Due since it’s so fun”

Château de Gruyéres

The cute little town of Gruyére

A visit to Gruyére wouldn’t be complete without trying their famous double Gruyére cream meringues, yum!

The beautiful valley surrounding Gruyére .

6 thoughts on “Gruyére

  1. So, I got your blog from Jodi when we created hers. So much for getting her online! I love your posts. I am totally jealous of all your adventures! Everything looks like so much fun!

  2. That was a beautiful and quaint little village…! Your pictures and comments let me glimpse your day there. I bet it was fun to listen to the French language. Love, Mom

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