Skiing/Boarding Laax

We had a fun trip to Laax this last weekend. The resort is huge, it’s 3 resorts in 1 (Flims, Laax & Falera) so it’s a pretty amazing place.

All ready to hit the slopes.

Ahh, check out that powder. It snowed in the morning and the sun came out in the afternoon, beautiful!

Showing off some of his snowboarding moves. It’s fun having 2 skiers and 2 boarders.

A long day, riding the gondola down the mountain. Of course, the little one falls asleep.

6 thoughts on “Skiing/Boarding Laax

  • Looks like fun. We are hoping to get some skiing in this week in Sun Valley. I know we won’t have snow like that, but it will still be fun!

  • This looks like so much fun. I have a date with my Dad, brother, my niece, Sam and I to go skiing on December 17th. I am really really excited. This looks like great snow and a fun time.

  • This sounds sad, but I am not sure I will ever ski again…we just don’t live around it enough…I am so excited 2 more days until you leave…probably one day left by the time you read this…love you

  • It was so fun to see you in all of your gear. The way Jacob was leaning into the hill on that board shows he has learned some skills. How sweet to see little Jonah making his pizza…does he like it? What beautiful country!

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