Flying home to San Francisco

We had an awesome trip home and really enjoyed spending time with all of our family and friends. It was the fastest 24 days ever. It felt like a whirlwind flying into San Francisco, off to Sacramento, flying out to Utah and back to Reno, up to Tahoe, down to the Bay Area….wow! But it was a great trip and we already miss everyone and the CA sunshine

The boys were so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa at the airport.

Our first stop on the way home from SFO airport, Mexican food at La Piñata. Yum!!!


3 thoughts on “Flying home to San Francisco

  1. Oh! Heaven help me – that Mexican food looks so good. I hope you ate enough for me too? I am glad you had fun but it is nice to have you back.

  2. It sounds like all of your friends are so glad you got back to Switzerland..! We miss you already but are GRATEFUL you got to come and I’m looking forward to some special times in July…hope I can get a good airfare!

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