Jason got work off yesterday so we had some fun in the snow. We went to Nueusell (45 minute drive from our house) to enjoy their free bunny hill & sledding hill.

Isn’t this sled gigantic? A few weeks ago we saw grown men racing down the hill in pairs on these, pretty crazy!

Getting better at using the tow rope on his own.



Finally mastered his “pizza.” A big thanks to the ski bunny, if it looks like a giant leash, it’s because it is. It works awesome though!


After the slopes we took to the sledding hill. It was hilarious to watch the boys go down.

Gotta try all positions going down.

4 thoughts on “Neusell

  • First – let me just say how much I love Jonah’s facial expressions. He is such a great kid. AND, we are so happy that you are pregnant. What great news. Hope you feel well. brian, kelly and kids

  • Your kids are so cute! That’s great that you are starting them all out so young on skiing/boarding! I love the Leash , haha! Where can I get one for Carter? jk Love ya!

  • I was very gald to see you were not on skis! I Love the picture of Jonah going up the rope tow and the houses behind him. Your new camera is amazing. There expressions are great! Looks like Jacob slipped off his sled on the one run.

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