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Saturday we took a trip to Elm. Our church rented a chalet in the Mountains and we went up for the day to enjoy the snow.

And they’re off……..the sledding hill was 4km of pure fun (it takes 15 mins. to get down). They must have done the sled hill over 20 times.


The Blue skies were amazing. We spent most of the day hanging out on the deck of the Chalet, taking in the views, and chatting with friends.

Hanging out in the snow.


This picture captures the moment. After, he sled down and walked back up he couldn’t find me and he is yelling “Mom!” in panic. Poor kid.

8 thoughts on “Elm”

  1. Love the piture of Jonah yelling for mom. What a fun ride, I had no idea you could sled down a hill for 15 mins, that is like skiing. I could dig that! The sky looked amazing. How fun. I hope your breakfast worked out good with your girlfriends. Let me know how making your own Bisquick went. I really take too many things for granted in the States.

  2. How fun those pictures of the mountains are gorgeous, is that in Switzerland? We are doing good other than freezing i’m ready for summer, how are you guys? No we don’t have any trips planned that way yet. You have any trips planned to Germany or close too?

  3. Wow, the views are awesome! What a fun thing for a ward to do…I love Jonah yelling for you…his face says it all! I am super glad you avoided that long sled run but it sounded amazing…so long. How fun for Jacob and friends.

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