Gais / Appenzellerland

The boys are on their winter break so yesterday we took a little train trip with our Swiss friend, Margrit. Margrit was so nice to take us to the town she is from, Gais, in Appenzellerland. We took the train from Zürich to St. Gallen (above pic) and then switched to the cool Appenzeller Bahnen.

The boys absolutely loved the Apenzeller Bahn. We were the only ones in our car and opened all the windows for an amazing view. This will be a definite summer trip, the views from the train were amazing.

A view of Säntis from the train.

The boys with Margrit in Gais.

The little train station in Gais

The clock tower in Gais. We had Mittagessen (lunch) in the town Restraunt. No Menus, just the local special. I wish I knew the names of the dishes, they were very traditional to the area. A potato/lettuce salad, bread soup and pasta with meat.

Margrit treated us to a Gais specialty, Zimtfladen (kind of like a cinnamon cake). It was so nice traveling with someone who spoke the dialect and knew all the ins-and-outs.

After our tour through Gais we hopped back on the Appenzeller Bahn and continued onto Apenzell. Apenzell is a really cute little town, I love their painted buildings.

Yum…….the boys enjoyed some hot chocolate and pastries in the Bakery.

Gotta take a picture of every clock tower 🙂

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