The boys just had winter break so we decided to take a trip to warmer weather. We spent this last week in the French Riviera. We had a great time and are now homesick for the sun.

You can see the reflection of the Monte Carlo Casino in the mirror.

The Monte Carlo Casino.

Enjoying the sunshine!

We had never seen so many cool cars in one place. We must have seen a dozen Bentleys.

The yachts in the harbor were pretty amazing too.

The flag of Monaco.

Hanging out in front of the fountain. Saffron tried to get in a few times.

We got to see the changing of the guards outside the Prince of Monaco’s Palace. The boys were pretty impressed thinking it would be a fun job.

Entrance into the Palace courtyard.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

Inside Manaco’s Cathedral.

The boys have a unique ability to locate a park everywhere we go.

A view below. I liked the ladder coming up from the water.

A yellow submarine.

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