Carnaval De Nice

We were lucky enough to be in Nice during their Carnaval. It was a lot of fun to check out their awesome floats, watch a parade, and hang out watching the people.

The streets of Nice.

The clown was a little creepy looking but pretty amazing.

Jonah kept saying he wanted a mask to wear, like all the people.

The Giant Ferris wheel.

Watch out for Spiderman. It was fun to hear the French say Spiderman, more like Speeder-mane.

The beachfront in Nice. I am sure in the summer it’s wall to wall people.

Getting ready to jump.
Up and Away!Jacob had fun doing some flips.

Forcing the kids to take a picture of us.

A look at Nice


9 thoughts on “Carnaval De Nice”

  1. I love Nice. When I was there several years ago all of a sudden the temperature dropped in the sea and millions of purple jellyfish were washed ashore.

  2. wow! I would so rather be there than cold yucky snowy/rainy Utah! That place looks really cool! I seriously need to take another trip out there! This time maybe I can get Kevin to join in! =)

  3. Nice is amazing. Their floats look amazing too! Everywhere you go looks just like you were stepping out of the pages of a magazine. Does it feel like it when you are there? Or have you just gotten used to the beauty.

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