Mainau Island

Saturday we enjoyed a visit to Mainau with some friends. Mainau is a little Island in Lake Constance near Konstanz, Germany. It is maintained as a Garden Island, very beautiful.

We were there a little early in the season so not everything was in bloom but it was still very pretty.

Enjoying the flower Easter eggs on display

Ducks swimming in a pond

Wild flowers
The boys enjoyed their awesome playgrounds

Just like Tom Sawyer
Butterflies galore…..

Just having some fun

Taking a leap

6 thoughts on “Mainau Island”

  1. Thats Pretty Amazing that they can shape them like that! It all looks so beautiful! The Tom Sawyer pic is prettty rad too! Congrats on your lil girl on the way! That is so exciting! We love you!

  2. Your camera is pretty great too! The colors in that garden are really great. You look great Julie. Maybe we’ll end up in Europe as your neighbors. Fun! Thanks for having your friend look at B’s resume.

  3. Love the huge Flower made of flowers, picture! They have put together some impressive displays. I think it is time for another prego side shot of you by the way!

  4. Wow! What an amazing place…I loved the flowers and all of the butterflies. We are having a blizzard today (April 15th) those colorful, fun pictures of the boys and Jason and the flowers did my heart good.

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