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The bikes of Amsterdam

I’ve never seen so many cool bikes before, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you……

Here is the beginning of the bike garage in Amsterdam

Have you ever seen a bike garage??

Gotta have the bug shield for the kid in front.  This kid wishes his dad would install the bug shield

3’s a crowd


Creative way to lock up a bike




That’s 4 dogs on 1 bike

There’s a person behind the balloons

High-heels and 2 kids

The boys favorite

7 thoughts on “The bikes of Amsterdam”

  1. I love all the bike photos! My favorite is the lady with heels and the two kids. I remember that crazy bike garage from my visit a few years ago – I don’t know how anyone can find their bike in there.

  2. Wow…those people must be FIT! Imagine the energy to pedal yourself, your dogs, your kids, your packages…etc I thought I saw one motorbike.You’d think there would be more motorized ones.

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