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Keukenhof and random Tulip Fields

The tulip fields of the Netherlands were really amazing. We enjoyed just driving around and seeing huge fields of Tulips and flowers. We visited Keukenhof gardens and also biked around all the fields. But seriously, how gorgeous are these fields?










14 thoughts on “Keukenhof and random Tulip Fields”

  1. This is a dream of mine. I want to lay in the midst of all those tulips. Gorgeous… and I had forgotten you were pregnant until I came to leave a comment. (You so don’t look preggers)

  2. What awesome, beautiful pictures. That many tulips is amazing…I love the one with the boys standing in the tulips with the windmill in the background-the picture shouts “Holland.” Maybe you could make them a collage with a “classic” picture from a number of European locations.

  3. I’m loving all these pictures, esp the 2nd one-breathtaking! Wish we could go there! Maybe someday! Also, your camera is amazing-what kind is it? I’m looking into getting a new one.

    You look great by the way! Feeling good?

  4. I was in Amsterdam for 12 hours on a layover to Tel Aviv. The flowers were SO beautiful- the cheese was great and the frits. So many beautiful pictures. And you look great! I wish i looked that great pregnant- when are you due?

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