We spent a week in the Netherlands but were very close to Amsterdam so we ended up in the city often. Here are some pictures of our daily excursions to the city.

We visited the Anne Frank house and this impacted both of the boys a lot. They were both full of questions. It was a good history lesson for all of us and also very moving.

An unwritten law………. Water + Boys + Dog = Instant Attraction

The boys were very amused with the Men’s “Public” Bathrooms

Doesn’t this food look delicious? Apparently many people thought so, as these vending machines were all of the city and very busy.

Our new found artist. He was very intrigued with the Van Gogh museum and is still talking about “the guy who painted so much everyday.” The boys enjoyed the kid version of the audio tour around the Van Gogh museum. At one point he said “Oh that is so sad” So I took his headset to listen and it told the story of how Van Gogh cut off his ear. Very interesting facts for a 5 year old.

Enjoying the skateboarding park, minus a skateboard. I’m glad he knows how to entertain himself.

7 month pregnant and feeling it. So happy to have my 2 boys with me.

Enjoying some fries. The boys opted for ketchup but I have become fond of the European way, fries with mayo, yum!

We enjoyed a relaxing boat ride around Amsterdam.


6 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  • Really?! Public restrooms. Just right there in the middle of everyone…no doors. Fascinating and disturbing! Other than that what a trip!

  • I can tell the baby is growing, Julie! Van Gogh and Anne Frank -wow what a lot of up close and personal, historical education. I love the one of Jonah and the drinking fountain…great indoor picture in the cathedral. Looks like you had a nice trip.

  • Love the picture of Jonah drinking from the fountain! And that was hilarious about Jonah’s tender moment for Van’s ear! That bathroom was crazy…I bet Taylor wouldn’t have been sent to the counselor’s office in that city! Love you!

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