We’ve moved

We moved a few weeks ago and are really enjoying being in a house again. We only moved a few blocks but it was still a lot of work.

The boys playing in our yard. The yard has been a hit with both the boys and the dog and makes for some fun BBQs too.

Jason took the above picture at sunset, a view from our dining room, and then below a night view.

10 thoughts on “We’ve moved

  1. I love your new house! I’m so glad we’re friends so we can use your garden too 🙂 The sunset picture is kinda scary – like the sky is on fire! I’m so curious how he took this pic.

  2. What a great yard! I can see how the boys will enjoy their own private spot to play and have friends over! It looked so pretty and neat and green and the house has that European character. I am happy you got this house. I can hardly wait to come!

  3. Those pictures are amazing that Jason took. I still don’t believe you are pregnant, you don’t look it on the beach, and I love that you have a backyard again, and Jacob’s workshop! How fun. Miss you.

  4. I’m IN LOVE with that picture of the sunset-that should be published in National Geographic or something! What kind of camera do you have? Your new place looks awesome, I’m sure it’s nice to have a little more room to move around-esp a yard!

    You look GREAT by the way, keep up at the good work! 🙂 Do you guys have a name picked yet or is that secret?

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