Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco

Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco is the highest Mountain in Western Europe at 4,810 m (15,781 ft). The summit of the Mountain is on the French/Italian border.We took a gondola ride up to Aiguille du Midi (highest Vertical ascent cable car in the world)
The view from the top was breath-taking (my favorite mountain trip by far).

Poor Amie was a little nervous with the height and sheer cliffs but was an awesome sport.

The “ice tunnel” to depart onto the Mountain. The summer skiers/boarders take off from here. Also, those who have come to climb. The Mountain has 100s of deaths a year so we didn’t attempt anything crazy.

You can see climbers on the ridge-line. There were Crevasses everywhere, pretty scary.

People were also camped out on the Mountain.

At the top we decided to take the télécabine (small cable car) over to Helbronner Point, which is the Italian border station. The télécabine only runs in good weather. There were signs saying there is no guarantee on your return trip in case of bad weather. Luckily the weather was beautiful that day.

The cable line stretches over the Glacier 3 miles to Italy. It took about 40 minutes and was a super amazing view. Notice no supports in between the mountain tops, pretty crazy.

Jason and the boys in 1 car and Amie and I rode in the other. They only seat 4 and are in a group of 3. So in peak season the wait could be hours.

On top of Helbronner Point.

What did we see?? Crazy people on the very top of the Mt. peak, pictured below…..

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