Soaring over Chamonix

Our family got adventurous and decided to go paragliding. I wasn’t able to join them, being 8 months pregnant, so  I watched from below.

He has been asking to go paragliding ever since I went with my sister last year.
We asked if they would take a 9 year old and they said if he wants to go, yeah! After I saw him getting all geared up I started to have second thoughts, but it was too late.

The take-off spot. Getting a few instructions before take off.

I know….it’s hard to see them way up there but they are there.

All 3 of them up in the air. I was a bit nervous watching from below because a few times it looked like they were going to collide. The guides that took them were talking, so obviously they were close. Jay informed when he landed that he was pretty sure their shoots touched, ahhh!

Another view of all 3 of them.


The landing site.



What an experience for them. They all the said the views were amazing. We had not planned on paragliding during this short visit so it was nice that we were able to organize it last minute.

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